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AJP Motos was founded and its first creation presented: the ARIANA, equipped with a 125cc two-stroke engine from Casal, bearing the name of António Pinto’s daughter who was born that same year. This bike was produced in a limited series of 25 units, but already presented original technical solutions that would be further explored in future models.


AJP established a partnership with Petrogal (Portuguese Petroleum company – now Galp Energia), whose major results were the development of the AJP Galp equipped with a 50cc two-stroke engine and of a wide range of synthetic oils for 2-stroke engines, as well testing unleaded petrol.


AJP participated in the National Enduro Championship with the GALP 50, winning five consecutive titles from 1996 to 2000. AJP also participated in the National Baja Championship with victories in 1996, 1997 and 1999.


Represented a turning point for the company: the launch of the AJP PR4 with a 125cc four-stroke engine. Once again, innovation was present in this model. The PR4 125cc marked the beginning of AJP’s exporting activity, with the first units being shipped to several European countries such as France, Germany and Great Britain.


AJP moved to a new factory in Lousada and in 2004 presented a new version of the PR4 with a 200cc 4-stroke engine. Despite offering a more powerful engine, this model shared the same components as the original 125cc model.


AJP expanded its business to Spain, Poland, Italy and Greece. In 2007, the AJP PR3 200cc MX is launched. The model featured a new frame concept developed by AJP with aluminium beams bolted to a steel cradle. The simplicity and lightness of this solution revolutionized the bike and its visual appearance, presenting a more modern and attractive design. Soon after, the PRO version was launched, with a set top quality suspension components. Weighing just 89 kg, the PR3 became the lightest four-stroke 200cc enduro bike in the world, with its short wheelbase providing the agility of a competition bike.


AICEP Capital Global becomes a partner of the project and its participation provided the company with the necessary financial resources to further develop its expansion plan. In late 2009, AJP presented its most ambitious project to date: the PR5 series! With EU homologation for road use, the PR5’s 250cc engine was equipped with an electronic fuel injection system and featured all the technology developed by AJP.


This year begins with the presentation of a new prototype, a big trail bike. It was from this prototype that later on, the PR7 was born.


Revolutionary in its own class, the PR7 is born and quickly gains traction among the Enduro fans. From this year on, the presence of AJP on Enduro Championships gains momentum and it becomes clear, AJP is here to stay.


New prototypes arrive to the Italian Motorshow, the SPR Line sees a future. Performance tests begin, in order to fulfill all the racing criteria that AJP believes in.


The SPR line is launched, alongside a 2020 PR7. Praised by the specialized press worldwide, the PR7 and the SPR line open up new markets and horizons for AJP. The presence in International Championships begins to be noticed.

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